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Register for our Free Webinar - Balanced ATO Risk Strategies: Leveraging Dynamic Friction

Join Kevin Lee - VP of Digital Trust & Safety at Sift and The Fraud Practice on February 8, 2023 at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST for a discussion on the use of dynamic friction with account takeover risk screening, including strategies for applying this type of layered approach.

Here’s what you'll learn about during this webinar:

  • Three strategies and considerations for applying dynamic friction to the login event

  • The importance of communication between the ATO risk and transaction risk screening events

  • Maximizing user experience for users with low-to-moderate ATO risk at login

  • Understanding how to measure ATO risk exposure for your organization, and how much flexibility that allows with a dynamic approach to ATO

About the Speakers:

Kevin Lee

VP of Digital Trust & Safety at Sift

Kevin Lee is VP of Digital Trust and Safety at Sift where he helps customers implement strategies that cross-functionally align risk and revenue programs. Prior to Sift, he has spent the last 14+ years leading various risk, chargeback, spam/scams, and trust and safety organizations at Facebook, Square and Google.

Justin McDonald

Sr. Risk Management Consultant at The Fraud Practice

Justin McDonald has over 12 years of experience in eCommerce payments and fraud. He has led consulting engagements with merchants, payment and risk vendors and private equity firms, performed the data analysis and technical writing for many industry reports, developed and managed professional training and certification programs for fraud and risk professionals, and has spoken at industry events such as the MRC and CNP Expo.


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