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We aren't a big consulting firm trying to provide consulting support for any consulting needs. We are a specialized consultancy focused on eCommerce payments and fraud. When you choose The Fraud Practice, you aren't going to get a junior consultant or an inexperienced single-sourced solution. You can be assured that your company's project will be conducted by a real expert in the space so you can get answers faster and at a lower cost than using other consulting firms.

  • We know what organizations are looking for from payment to fraud solution providers.

  • We know what technology, services, and providers are available in the market, how much they cost, and how they are best used.

  • We know how the verticals, regional markets, and channels affect payments and fraud management.


Our clients have come from every vertical market and every geographic region in the world, and the fact that we aren’t in the market to “sell” anyone's solution ensures you will get a vendor-neutral analysis with your best interests coming first.

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