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Retail Sales Clerk Boosts Commission Buying Goods with Fraudulent Credit Cards

A former employee at Saks Fifth Avenue faces felony credit card abuse charges after using fraudulent credit cards opened in the names of stolen identities to make purchases from his register as a way to earn extra commission.

Juan Soler, a forty-eight year old former employee at Saks Fifth Avenue in the Houston area, is alleged to have earned $1,829.67 in commission on sales where he knowingly accepted fraudulent credit cards. His accomplice, Johnson Anene, was able to open Bank of America credit cards in the names of identity theft victims. On at least four different occasions from September to December 2011 Anene would visit Soler’s register and make a series of large purchases. Soler knew the credit cards were fraudulent as he bypassed prompts to save the customer account information or filed the fraudulent purchases under the name “Mr. J.” Anene’s purchases on the fraudulent cards exceeded $4,900 and earned Soler extra commission. Saks had their suspiscions about the scheme and installed a hidden camera above Soler’s register where they caught Soler and Anene making purchases at his counter.

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