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Retail Clerk Opened Store Credit Cards with Stolen Identities

Two Louisiana residents were arrested and charged with multiple accounts of fraud and identity theft after a retail clerk used stolen identity information to open store credit cards at work while her accomplice used these new accounts to purchase Visa prepaid cards.

Kenyatta Anderson, an Office Depot employee, confessed she had been repeating this scam for months. Bobby Harris, her accomplice who was also arrested, would deliver identities written down on a piece of paper for Anderson to use to apply for store credit cards. After some time Harris would return to the register and use one of the new fraudulently opened credit card accounts to buy prepaid Visa gift cards.

A company that issues the prepaid Visa cards alerted Office Depot that a high number of their cards were purchased at this one store which indicated high risk. Investigating the issue the store kept surveillance and watched Harris supply nine identities to Anderson. Anderson was able to open four credit card accounts and when Harris returned he used one of those cards to purchase two Visa prepaid cards worth $500. Anderson admitted that either Harris or another person would supply her names for opening store credit card accounts and they would either pay her in cash or with prepaid cards in return.


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