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Register for Online Training Programs Before October Price Adjustments

On October 1st The Fraud Practice will be increasing the enrollment prices of our online training programs across the board. If there are courses or Career Tracks that you’ve been considering for yourself or for staff, register by the end of September to enjoy the current low prices.

The Fraud Practice has offered high quality training courses and Certification Tracks focused on the eCommerce payments and fraud industry since 2010. Over the past few years we’ve expanded our catalog to cover new topics and are consistently adding new training programs. Now with over 30 individual training courses covering a variety of subjects and 9 Certification Tracks geared towards different industries and levels of experience, we are continuing to update and grow the training catalog.

The newest additions to the training programs include a course dedicated to Understanding and Mitigating Account Takeover Risk as well as 5 courses in the eCommerce Payments Series. These eCommerce Payments courses focus on the essentials to expanding eCommerce sales to different nations including the UK, Germany, France and Spain while each course includes an accompanying eCommerce Payment Preferences White Paper.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about optimizing payments for the CNP channel, fraud vendor shopping, managing fraud in business, or designing a fraud solution, there are training courses that address these subjects. Whether you’re new to the industry, looking to train new or seasonal hires, or you’re an established industry veteran looking to reinforce and affirm your credentials, there are Certification Tracks that will meet your needs. But to take advantage of the current low prices for all of The Fraud Practice’s online CNP Training programs, you’ll have to register before the price adjustment occurring on the first day of October.

See all of The Fraud Practice’s online training programs at


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