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PRESS RELEASE: New and Pending Legislation and Regulations Affecting eCommerce

Sarasota, FL, May 16, 2012 / Internal Release - Since the onset of the Internet in the early nineteen-nineties governments have adapted existing laws and regulations to apply them to new technologies while at other times finding the need to draft new legislation to keep up with the changing times. In 2012 we still see the legislative process trying to keep pace with technological change.

The Department of Justice investigates Visa’s post-Durbin debit card pricing, the FTC investigates multiple internet companies for not abiding to their privacy policies, and antitrust experts investigate Apple and eBook price fixing in both the European Union and United States. While compliance with these regulations are investigated and enforced, new legislation and regulations are in the works as well.

EU Nations prepare to enforce new internet cookie regulations and the Netherlands becomes the first EU Member State to enact net neutrality laws, possibly setting the precedent for other EU members to follow suit. Meanwhile in the United States, the House of Representatives approve the controversial CISPA bill and the Senate holds a hearing to discuss Do Not Track and a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights with the FTC and White House Administration. Consumer online privacy regulations have expanded in the Latin America and APAC regions as well.

As government agencies enforce new and existing regulations while legislators deliberate and propose new ones, businesses without extensive legal teams may find it difficult to keep up with the changing requirements and procedures that affect their line of business. Here we provide a summary of new and pending legislations, regulations and investigations affecting the internet, eCommerce and business in the United States, European Union, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Each of these regions have been actively pursuing new regulations and legislation related to consumer privacy issues, data breach and data security, as well as investigations into competitive pricing and antitrust concerns.

New and Pending Regulations and Legislations Affecting eCommerce and Business

PrivacyPrice/Business RegulationsData Breach/SecurityUnited States



New legislation in China to fight online copyright violations

Korea's Personal Information Protection Act includes breach notification requirements;

Latin America

Chile is world's first country to enact Net Neutrality Laws

Brazil's Data Protection Bill and Uruguay's Personal Data Protection Act both include data breach notification requirem


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