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Press Release: Kevin Sprake Named Managing Partner at The Fraud Practice

The Fraud Practice, a leading fraud prevention and online payments consulting firm, welcomes 25-year industry veteran Kevin Sprake as the company’s new Managing Partner. In this role, Kevin will continue to expand the company’s client relationships and advance the online learning and certification programs created specifically for the eCommerce payments and fraud prevention industry.

“Globally, fraud is increasing despite huge advancements and merchant investment in analytics, fraud tools, and service providers,” said Kevin Sprake. “The Fraud Practice believes that the missing component in understanding and combating fraud is due to the lack of practical online job training. Through the creation of our Core Plus 2 Program the team here has developed a comprehensive catalog of payment and fraud management courses that allow companies to standardize knowledge and offer meaningful certifications for their employees, up to expert levels of training. It’s this approach that will help to improve operational performance and ultimately make the difference in reducing fraud overall. Already, the most successful e-commerce companies are investing in this knowledge base to grow profitably.”

Kevin brings decades of payments and risk management industry experience dating back to VP and President roles with Retail Decisions beginning in 1996, through executive leadership positions as a Senior VP with Vesta Corporation, as a global Board member of the Merchant Risk Council, and most recently as Chairman and President of Fusion Recruiting Labs, ranked on both the Inc 5000 and Deloitte’s list of America’s fastest-growing technology companies in 2019 and 2020.

The Fraud Practice is poised to benefit from Kevin’s deep and diverse professional experience, leadership, and operational skills, as well as his extensive network of fraud and payment industry contacts. He has consistently delivered results ensuring client success and business growth in over 25 years of professional payments and risk management experience. From his tenure with Retail Decisions, and Vesta Corporation, Kevin has worked to implement payments and risk management strategies for some of the world’s largest e-commerce retailers, telco’s, PSP’s and banks.

Please join us in welcoming Kevin Sprake as Managing Partner at The Fraud Practice.


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