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Hyundai Follows Ford and Chevy with Partnerships to Develop In-Car Mobile Payments

Hyundai recently announced they are developing a mobile wallet while also partnering with a restaurant and two major gas stations for accepting payments made from a car’s touchscreen, or what is known as an infotainment system. This approach is similar to Ford, who offers a mobile app with wallet for storing payment cards, while Chevy has partnered with Shell who holds the payment credentials within their own app.

Hyundai most recently announced their partnership with Applebee’s supporting to-go or pick-up orders, this following their announcement the automaker would partner with Xevo to support payments made from their vehicles. Hyundai also has partnerships with Chevron and Texaco so drivers no longer have to pay-at-the-pump, as well as with parking system provider ParkWhiz.

Hyundai is working their technology partner, Xevo, to develop a Hyundai Mobile Wallet to securely store a driver’s payment credentials that will be used to make payments. It will be some time before these features are available to consumers, however, and other automakers have beaten Hyundai to the punch.

Ford already operates their FordPay system, where the mobile wallet for storing payment credentials is provided via the FordPass mobile app, which supports searching and paying for parking as well as paying for service at Ford dealerships. While Hyundai has more partners, Ford, as well as Chevrolet, has application and use today.

Chevy announced a partnership with Shell earlier this year. Making payment from the vehicle, a code is generated and provided on-screen which the consumer then uses to unlock the gas pump, and payment is processed after pumping.

Shell partnered with Jaguar as well in 2017, enabling consumers to use PayPal or Apple Pay accounts linked via the Shell mobile app through the touch screen console in several Jaguar and Land Rover models.

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