Global growth of mobile channel shows no signs of slowing down

Tablet devices are gaining ground, but smartphones are still the most popular mobile commerce devices. In the UK, half of smartphone owners have shopping in mind when choosing their phone.

Mobile payments will reach $117 billion worldwide by 2017, an incredible increase from the $18 billion recorded in 2012. These figures come from WorldPay, a UK based payment service provider. Tablet devices are gaining in popularity due to the more convenient shopping experience on a larger screen, but smartphones are still the most popular mobile commerce devices. In the third quarter of 2013, mobile commerce accounted for 10% of digital sales, of which smartphones made up 6%.

34% of mobile Internet users say their smartphone is their primary device for going online, and during 2013, smartphone internet usage of retail sites totaled 44% of access minutes.

When it comes to Americans, one fourth of last year’s online holiday shopping was made through mobile devices. 69 million Americans banked online during 2013, and 48% of these downloaded their bank’s mobile banking application. 48% is also the number of non-mobile banking users concerned about the security of mobile banking.

The growth is global. In the UK, mobile commerce has grown 63% in the last five years. During 2013, four out of ten smartphone owners bought something from their phone, and 55 percent of shoppers used their mobile device in stores, comparing prices online, taking photos, and researching their potential buys. Cheil Worldwide made a study of 1,000 British smartphone owners, and half had shopping in mind when choosing their phone.

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