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DMV Employee Created and Sold Fraudulent State Licenses

Former New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicle employee Donna Rockholt was sentenced to eight to twenty-eight years in prison on bribery and theft charges after creating fraudulent driver’s licenses for cash bribes.

In 2005 Adalberto Medina approached Rockholt and offered to pay cash for a fraudulent driver’s license for a friend. Unlike some other states, the New Hampshire DMV does not use facial recognition software to determine if a person already holds another driver’s license. Taking advantage of this vulnerability Rockholt continued to make fraudulent New Hampshire driver’s licenses for buyers brought in by Medina and another accomplice. Investigators have been able to associate 67 fraudulent licenses with Rockholt since 2005, but the third accomplice admitted she had recruited about 80 customers alone. Medina, Rockholt’s main co-conspirator, was sentenced to five to ten years in prison for bribery charges and likely faces deportation.

For more Information: Prison in DMV Bribery scandal


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