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Website sells tens of thousands of counterfeit credit cards

The FBI and US Postal Inspection Service recently assumed control of, a massive and well organized online operation selling counterfeit credit cards, holographic stickers to make cards look authentic, and state ID cards complete with holographic overlays. The cards were delivered through the US postal service. When the website was seized, it had over 400 members and is believed to have filled orders for nearly 70,000 counterfeit cards. The losses associated with the counterfeit payment cards sold on the website are estimated to exceed $34.5 million.

Three Florida men have been arrested for conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, and bank fraud. Their operation included a storage facility in Florida where they manufactured the custom-embossed cards.

The fakeplastic scheme filled the last link in the chain, necessary for criminals to make money from stolen credit card numbers and identities.

After taking over the website, the FBI continued running it and made over 30 controlled deliveries of ordered materials, resulting in 11 additional arrests of fakeplastic customers.

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