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The Fraud Practice Launches New Online Training Course to Help eCommerce Merchants Win More

Continuing to build on the more than 35 online training courses offered today, The Fraud Practice has released a new training course titled Successful Strategies for Chargeback Representment, now open for enrollment in our online training portal. Covering 60 different chargeback reason codes in about two hours of instruction time, this course explains the procedures and steps to follow from when a chargeback was received until it is reversed, including specific strategies for winning more disputes based on the chargeback reason.

Accompanying the latest addition to our online training catalog, The Fraud Practice is also launching the eCommerce Chargeback Professional certification, which marks the 10th CNP payment and risk certification track offered by The Fraud Practice. This new certification program expands on the existing eCommerce Chargeback Specialist certification, while those who have already earned this certification will be able to move up to the eCommerce Chargeback Professional for 50 percent off the already reduced certification upgrade cost.

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