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Google Encourages Increased Consumer Security with Free Phishing Quiz

In partnership with another Alphabet group company, Google recently released a way for consumers to test their skills in detecting phishing emails. It includes eight simulated emails based on characteristics of real phishing attacks, where the user is to indicate whether each email is legitimate or fake.

Phishing is a continually growing threat for consumers, businesses, municipalities and other organizations. Organizations and their employees are prone to see spear phishing attacks, phishing attacks aimed at specific members of the organization to take over their accounts, steal credentials or gain access to systems.

According to a recent survey, 83 percent of those who deal with phishing attacks against their organizations say they are increasing. The fraud solution provider market is addressing this need with phishing simulation services that help organizations identify employees most likely to fall victim real phishing attacks and provide them training.

This free phishing simulation quiz was created by Google and other Alphabet company Jigsaw. The overall mission of Jigsaw is to use technology to make consumers across the world safer. Often consumers are the weakest link and source of compromise when it comes to account takeover and other attacks. This quiz is one way to help consumers identify the traits of even the more convincing phishing emails.

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