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FTC to Host Mobile Payments Workshop

The Federal Trade Commission recently announced that they will be holding a workshop on April 26 to discuss a number of issues pertaining to mobile payments. The workshop, held in Washington, D.C., will be open to the public and the FTC is now accepting public comment.

According to the FTC consumer advocates, industry representatives, technologists, government regulators and academics will all be brought together to analyze a wide range of issues related to mobile payments. The topics discussed will include the technology and business models used with mobile payments, experiences other countries have had with mobile payments, as well as consumer protection issues.

2012 is poised to be a big year for mobile payments as mobile wallets and contactless payment methods continue to develop and launch. The consumer payments landscape is on the brink of change and mobile payments are the catalyst. By hosting this mobile payments workshop the FTC is acknowledging that mobile may bring substantial changes to the current consumer payments environment, and they are preparing for this change.

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