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Counterfeit Card Ring Resold Gasoline

For several years now fraudsters have been obtaining credit card numbers by hiding skimmers in gas pumps, but a fraud ring from Central Florida took this a step further. Not only did they counterfeit cards skimmed from consumers paying-at-the-pump, but they then used the counterfeit cards to steal large amounts of fuel. Robin Miguel Corrales-Castro and Silvio Leon, co-owners of a mobile phone store in Orlando, along with several other members of their fraud ring, were arrested in November. The group was counterfeiting cards with the credit card numbers skimmed from local gas stations and then making hundreds of transactions with the counterfeit cards at retailers in the Central Florida area.

Authorities caught on to the scam and began watching Corrales-Castro and Leon, the two then led law enforcement to a fenced-in storage yard where they were keeping trucks specially (and illegally) equipped to hold large amounts of gasoline. The group was running a black market gas station only open for certain hours and days of the week. Detectives watched other fraud ring members purchase the large amounts of gas with fraudulently obtained credit cards, very likely ones skimmed from other gas stations in the area.

For the more information see the story published in the Orlando Sentinel


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