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Call Center Agent Copied Customer Card Details, Made Purchases Online

A call center employee working in the UK was arrested after copying credit card information provided to him by customers over the phone which he later used to attempt fraudulent purchases.

Lokesh Dahar, a twenty-eight year old from Coventry, England, was recently sentenced to eight months in jail after pleading guilty to charges of fraud by abuse of position. Working for a call center that processes payments for various businesses, Dahar kept records of customers that called in to make a credit card payment. Between February and March 2011 Dahar copied down the primary card account number, card security code and expiration date from at least seven customers as he collected their payment information.

Using the stolen card information Dahar attempted 52 transactions exceeding £32,000 in total value. The majority of these transactions were recognized as fraud attempts, but eleven transactions totaling £4,647 were approved as Dahar purchased four computers and access to online gambling sites. Dahar did not make it difficult for authorities to trace the crimes back to him. After multiple victims called their issuing banks to dispute the charges the call center was recognized as the common denominator. Dahar was quickly identified as the culprit as he attempted transactions with the stolen card details shortly after obtaining the information from the phone call and the items purchased were either sent to Dahar’s home address or an address he was connected with.

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