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Apple Store Employee Bypassed Security Checks to Accept Known Bad Checks

Roberto Sanchez, a former Apple Store employee in New Hampshire, reached a plea bargain to serve three months in jail after intentionally bypassing security procedures to accept bad checks from a friend allowing the theft of nearly $150,000.

David Keene, who wrote the bad checks, was previously sentenced to five to ten years in prison as he had a prior criminal record and was thought to be the leader of the scam. On twenty-one occasions from March 2009 to December 2010 Keene would use checks written from accounts that were either closed or had non-sufficient funds to make purchases of thousands of dollars from Sanchez at the Apple retail store. Bypassing security checks Sanchez would approve the transactions, and over the course of nearly two years Sanchez and Keene colluded on twenty-one fraudulent transactions totaling $142,561 in losses.

Keene admitted to purchasing Mac Books, headphones and other electronics from the Apple Store with bad checks and then reselling the items. Keene was sentenced to a much longer prison term, but both he and Sanchez are responsible for repaying the more than $140,000 they stole in restitution. Their scam wasn’t the most sophisticated and it should be no surprise they were caught after 21 bad checks were accepted by the same retail clerk, especially when the final bad check approved by Sanchez was for over $11,000.

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