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Anonymous Hacks UN, Threatens Banks

The high profile data breaches continue in 2011 as Anonymous posted 1,000 user names and passwords taken from the United Nations. A hacker was able to access the server containing information for the United Nations Development Programme, the attack may have been just to demonstrate ability or to embarrass the UN as many of the posted passwords were weak. Anonymous is also threatening attacks against major financial institutions with their new ally, TeamPoison, in a hactivism effort they are calling Operation Robin Hood. The two groups have threatened to steal from the big banks and give back to the 99 percent by donating to charities. In a video and statement the groups claimed to have already taken Chase, Citi and Bank of America credit cards with “big breaches across the map.”

It is uncertain whether or not these claims to have already breached these financial institutions are true, the banks allegedly affected either declined to comment or don’t have official statements yet. But Anonymous has made false and exaggerated claims in the past, such as their threat to take down the New York Stock Exchange in October. In their video the hactivists go on to say that “the banks will be forced to reimburse people their money,” and that they are “going to make the banks deliver your money back to you with a smile.” This may be true, but what they forgot to mention is that when the issuing banks are refunding the fraudulently obtained funds they are taking this money back from the organization that processed the stolen card, while also levying a chargeback fee. These hactivists will end up costing any charities they may think they’re helping while leaving many consumers to deal with hassles of closing and reissuing new card accounts.

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