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Three Reasons ATO  Needs to be a Priority This Holiday Season and Three Strategies to Address It

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About this White Paper:

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This white paper focuses on account takeover to specifically discuss why ATO risk should be top of mind for organizations as they prepare final risk management strategy tune-ups ahead of the eCommerce holiday shopping season, as well as provides considerations and strategies for combating this risk. This includes:

Three Reasons ATO Should be a Priority This Holiday Season

  1. ATO Activity, Like All Fraud, Ramps Up During the Holiday Season

  2. ATO Represents Both a Direct Fraud Loss Risk and Severe Brand Risks

  3. Fraudsters Have all the Data and Credentials they Need


Three Strategies for Addressing ATO Risk

  1. Don’t Rule Out Using Multiple Solutions

  2. ATO is a Dynamic Problem that Requires a Dynamic Response

  3. Indirectly Benefit from Your Peers’ Experience

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