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PCI Council Joins EMVCo in Support of 3-D Secure 2.0 Protocol

In the beginning of 2015 EMVCo announced they would be responsible for further developing the 3-Domain Secure 2.0 Specification, taking over for Visa and MasterCard. Now just a few months before the expected release of 3DS 2.0, EMVCo and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council jointly announced they will be collaborating to support the upcoming launch of the new 2.0 protocol.

After announcing their input and collaboration at a cybersecurity expert community meeting event we know the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI-SSC) will focus on addressing environmental security associated with 3DS 2.0. This will include providing security requirements, testing procedures, reporting templates and assessor training.

According to a soon following joint press release, the EMV® 3-D Secure – Protocol and Core Functions Specification v2.0 is still on track to be released by year’s end. Chair of the EMVCo Board of Managers, Jonathan Main, described the new specification saying it “enables all solutions to be globally interoperable and promotes a unified international payments framework.” Interoperability is a major focus of the updated specification which will support in-app and mobile purchases, digital wallets and additional data elements across card brands and payment systems.

The PCI-SSC is currently working on creating security requirement and procedure documentation which is planned to be completed and released by the first half of 2017. PCI Security Standards Council CTO Troy Leach said their organization is “excited to be working hand-in-hand with EMVCo to secure all payment channels.”

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