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PayPal Expands In-Store Payment Trial with Home Depot

PayPal is currently trialing their in-store payment service in about 50 Home Depot stores but will be expanding to over 2,000 Home Depot stores by this March.

PayPal is competing against the NFC mobile wallets by offering multiple methods for consumers to use their PayPal accounts at brick-and-mortar locations. With PayPal’s developing payment system consumers will be able to scan item barcodes and checkout online over their mobile device, enter their telephone number and PIN to pay at the register, or receive a plastic PayPal card that can be used at the point-of-sale with the consumer’s PIN.

PayPal first announced their plans to expand into the brick-and-mortar space in 2011 but just began the trial with Home Depot in late January. Initially 51 Home Depot stores are trialing the in-store PayPal payments, most of which are in the San Francisco area. But according to PayPal spokesman Anuj Nayar the trial will be offered to all national Home Depot locations and by March over 2,000 Home Depots will accept PayPal in-store. Also in late January, PayPal and Office Depot announced they would be trialing the payment system in a limited number of retail locations.

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