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General Retail, SEO Research & Fraud Prevention – The Connection

While it may not seem obvious at first, SEO research can provide a valuable resource for determining what products are in demand in the market today. Don't forget, products that are in demand are easier to resell! If you haven't tried this before you should think about using the major search engine keyword tools to find out what people are searching for. While there are several businesses (i.e. Google’s Keyword Tool, Google Trends) that offer such information, perhaps none is more valuable than Amazon’s Bestseller Department. From this list, businesses can gain a glimpse into which products are most wished for and most gifted through Amazon. Amazon’s Bestseller Department provides market researchers with a summary of the most sought after goods based on Amazon’s customer tracking and purchase data.

Performing SEO research is easy to do, anyone can do it, and it is free. That being said it is somewhat time consuming so fraud teams may want to work with their product managers to determine if they are already performing this type of analysis.

In the Quick Links sections of this page you can find links to several tools such as: the Google Keyword Search Tool, Wordtracker, and Trellian. See what search terms are popular right now and if it includes products you may offer that are at risk of fraudsters trying to resell.

For Amazon go to their main web page on click on the "gifts & wish lists" link in the top of the page. On the left hand side of the web page you will see a "Browse Gifts" section and at the bottom of the list is a section called most popular. You can select "Most Popular", "Most Gifted" or " Top Sellers". When you click on the link it will provide you subcategories you can match to your business.


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