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Two major acquisitions occurred in the world of eCommerce in late October as merchant acquirer Litle & Co. was purchased by the publicly listed payment processor Vantiv Inc. and EMC acquired web monitoring and analytics fraud solution provider Silver Tail Systems to supplement their RSA security division.

In efforts to expand their eCommerce capabilities Vantiv Inc. acquired the established eCommerce merchant acquirer Litle & Co. for $361 million. With a focus on eCommerce and direct response sales Litle offers Vantiv experience in the Customer Not Present industry along with a list of big name merchant clients.

Silver Tail Systems, a fraud prevention start-up with venture capital funding, was purchased by EMC in late October for an amount which is yet to be disclosed. Silver Tail Systems offers real-time web session intelligence and behavioral analysis which is used by merchants and financial institutions to recognize and prevent abnormal and fraudulent behavior. The Silver Tail Acquisition is expected to supplement EMC’s RSA enterprise security division which currently includes identity verification software. In an official statement EMC said that Silver Tail System’s “Big Data approach to fighting cybercrime will help accelerate RSA’s strategy to leverage data analytics and adaptive risk-based controls for broader consumer and enterprise security use cases.”

The EMC/Silver Tail acquisition was announced on October 30 while the Vantiv/Litle acquisition was announced on October 31, and both acquisitions are expected to be completed by the end of the fourth quarter.

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