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PayPal has quickly become the global leader in anonymous online payment solutions with more than 73 million active accounts worldwide. PayPal is the largest global online payments and money transfer service that allows individuals to send money via email, phone, text message or Skype. Available in 190 markets and 19 currencies around the world, PayPal enables global ecommerce by facilitating payments across different locations, currencies and languages.

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Paypal company profile

PayPal's Continued Evolution

PayPal's Changing Landscape

PayPal's initial service began allowing members to send money without sharing financial information, with the flexibility to pay using their account balances, bank accounts, credit cards or promotional financing but they are evolving their strategy significantly. Currently, they offer products to individuals and businesses alike, including online vendors, auction sites and corporate users. PayPal’s core payment services have focused on the P2P segment with an increasing emphasis on B2C and B2B. 

PayPal has consistently ranked among the top alternative payment services and is poised to continue it's growth through strategic initiatives in merchant services and international expansion.  PayPal's market strategy has evolved in numerous ways such as; shifting towards fixed pricing, merchant services, international expansion, increasing off-eBay purchase volume, mobile applications and more. Market dynamics, such as consumer purchasing habits have also had a dramatic effect on how PayPal's success and strategy have formed.

In the fiscal year that ended in 2008, PayPal recorded revenues of $2.4 billion with over 175 million registered users. Merchant Services played an increasingly critical role in PayPal's revenue generation. For example, between 2005 and 2009 PayPal's Merchant Services increased by more than 300%. During 2008, PayPal also embarked on an important milestone with total payment volume off-eBay surpassing on-eBay transactions for the first time in company history. These trends and more are illustrated through numerous graphs and charts such as:

PayPal's Total Payment Volume

What does all this mean and where is the company headed?


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Service Offering: PayPal's Company Profile
Type: Prepared Research, White Paper, Discussion Document
Length:  36 pages
Last Update: May 2011 
Cost:  $175.00
General: PayPal's Company Profile is a prepared research document, 36 pages in length, intended to provide organizations an overview of PayPal's position in the payments market.  The report goes beyond a general market assessment to provide information businesses need to assess PayPal's trends, strategic direction, competitors, solutions and services.  The report also includes easy-to-understand graphs, charts, tables and illustrations of competitors' business models. Readers should expect to gain:

  • An introduction to PayPal and the types of payment solution options available  
  • An in-depth understanding of PayPal's market dynamics, vertical market preferences, regional preferences
  • A discussion on emerging markets where PayPal has been active with mergers and acquisitions
  • A general introduction to the capabilities, services, and developments provided by the major players in PayPal's landscape.

Table of Contents :

1.1 Company Overview:
1.2 Locations:
1.2.1 Map 1: PayPal Banking and Member Countries.
1.3 Financials:
1.4 Key Customers:
1.5 SWOT Analysis:
1.5.1 Chart 1: SWOT Analysis
1.6 Key Developments :
1.6.1 PayPal and Mobile Technologies
1.6.2 Legislation
1.6.3 Auction Markets
1.7 Company Background:
1.7.1 Key Dates:
1.8 Company History:
1.8.1 The Beginning
1.8.2 The Merger
1.8.3 PayPal and eBay
1.8.4 Going for Bust
1.8.5 PayPal’s Fight with Fraud
1.8.6 The Merger Part II
1.8.7 PayPal’s Evolution
1.9 Business Model:
1.9.1 Concept Graph 1: PayPal’s Business Model
1.9.2 Product and Service Discussions:
1.10 Executive Leadership:
1.11 Mind Share & Market Share Discussions:
1.11.1 Graph 1: Unique Visitors to the Top Competitors Web Sites
1.12 Competitive Threats:
1.12.1 Criticism
1.12.2 PayPal’s Direct Competitors:
1.13 Financial Information:
1.13.1 Graph 3 : PayPal’s Revenue (2002 – 2009)
1.13.2 Graph 4: PayPal’s Percentage Revenue Growth (2002-2009)
1.13.3 Graph 5: PayPal’s Total Payment Volume (2002 - 2009)
1.13.4 Graph 6: PayPal’s Active User Base (2002 - 2009)
1.13.5 Graph 7: PayPal’s Fixed Price Trading as a Percentage of Gross Merchandise Sales (2002 – 2009)
1.13.6 Graph 8: PayPal’s Merchant Services (2002 – 2009)
1.13.7 Graph 9: PayPal’s International Revenues (2003 – 2009)

1.14 Appendix:



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