Fundamentals of eCommerce sales conversion

Covers the fundamentals and effective practices for optimizing sales conversion on a website to include common pittfalls from implementing poor payment options and fraud screening procedures.

The following is an intermediate course and requires some basic knowledge or training on the subject matter to understand the course material. If you aren't sure what you should be taking, contact us by phone or email at

  • Course synopsis. There are a number of things that can negatively effect your sales conversion: a poor user experience, limited payment options, improper data normalization tools, overly strict policies and procedures, asking for too much data or an intrusive checkout process. The fact is, as a merchant you are in the business of doing business and turning away good customers is not the way to maxmize your potential. In the Fundamentals of Sales Conversion course the intent is to explore the most common choke points that produce unwanted abandonment in the sales process.
  • what can you expect to get out of this course? (1) Gain a basic underlying understanding on the common chokepoints for abandonment. (2) Discuss the methods to use to establish accepted norms for a particular vertical market. (3) Discuss best practice for optimizing sales conversion within the eCommerce channel. (4) Learn about common terms with sales conversion and eCommerce to include abdandonment rates, insult rates, upsell, cross sell and guest checkout. (5) Learn about common mistakes within a fraud mitigation program that can cause a negative impact on sales conversion.
  • Training Objectives: (1) What are the common chokepoints for causing abandonment in the shopping cart? (2) What types of fraud techniques have the biggest impact on sales insults? (3) How do you establish how well your fraud mitigation program is doing in terms of sales insults?
  • Expected time to complete the course: 90 minutes (includes session tests and final exam).
  • course access & availability. Unrestricted - In-House and Webinar
  • we want 100% customer satisfaction. There is nothing worse than signing up for training only to find out that it wasn't on the topic you expected, or it wasn't advanced enough to provide value. If you have any doubt about the fit of a course to your particular needs, please give us a call. We will be happy to discuss the course, and to provide a more detailed overview on the content to ensure you make the most of your training dollars and time.
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    Covers the fundamentals and effective practices for optimizing sales conversion on a website to include common pittfalls from implementing poor payment options and fraud screening procedures.

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