Fundamentals forSelecting a Fraud Solution Provider

Learn how to prepare to look for and evaluate fraud solution providers to include getting valuable insight on vendors and options available in the marketplace.

The following course is considered an introduction, and requires no previous knowledge or training on the subject matter. This course can be taken with our without the included Fraud Solution Provider Competitive Landscape White Paper. This white paper was last updated in November, 2018.

This course was last updated in June, 2019 with expanded discussions on the many vendors and service types while classifying them within our vendor caregory groupings, and updating this to reflect changes in the fraud vendor landscape also updated in the white paper. Payment and risk market trends related to mobile payment methods and card association initiatives like 3D Secure 2.0 are also discussed, as well as updated global and regional eCommerce market forecasts through 2020 and beyond. Now offered in HTML5 and compatible with all mobile devices.

  • Course synopsis. As an eCommerce merchant or professional you need to be well versed in the options, capabilities and limitations of the many different fraud prevention tools, techniques and providers. The Fundamentals For Selecting a Fraud Solution Provider course is intended for organizations looking to gain an introductory understanding to the fraud solution marketplace and the fraud solution providers servicing that market. The competitive landscape document, which can be bundled with this course for an additional fee, makes reference to over 150 fraud solution providers.
  • what can you expect to get out of this course? (1) A limited introduction to the types of solution providers. (2) A basic understanding of the market space, vertical markets, customer motivation and emerging markets. (3) A general introduction to the major players in each of the solution type groupings. (4) Learn how to prepare for evaluating the market and individual fraud solution providers for use in your organization.
  • Training Objectives: (1) Define the groups of fraud solution providers, along with several names of specific vendors in these categories. (2) Discuss the steps to prepare for going out to market to find a fraud solution provider. (3) Discuss the current state of the fraud solution provider landscape.
  • Expected time to complete the course: 120 minutes (includes session tests and final exam).
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did you

how up to speed are you with the current state of the fraud vendor landscape?

In 2000 there were only 4 primary vendors servicing the eCommerce fraud market. Today there are over 150 vendors The Fraud Practice monitors those that are servicing the space. The choices companies have today are varied and complex and the wrong choice can mean significant expense with no appreciable return.


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  • Read Morefundamentals for selecting a fraud solution provider.

    The Fundamentals For Selecting a Fraud Solution Provider is intended for organizations looking to gain an introductory understanding to the fraud solution marketplace and the fraud solution providers servicing that market. The competitive landscape document makes references to over 150 fraud solution providers.

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